Angie Rogriques - An amazing painter and 3D modeler, I had the honor of working with her once. She truly has great skills as a artist.

David Krentz - One of the most well known Dinosaur sculptors, David's knowledge in all things pre-historic is mind-blowing.

Bryant Hardwick - Bryant is a wealth of knowledge on all things rendering in Maya.

Jeff Delforio - Jeff has quickly made a body of work for himself as a VFX Compositor.

Brian Murphy - Brian Murphy, seasoned Maya Generalist, and long time friend.

Scott Rosekrans - I worked with Scott on projects in college and I worked with him as an intern at Zoic Studios. Few people know so much about Rigging and Scripting as he does.

Mike Goubeaux - Award winning right out of college. Very few people can say that. This director is going places.


aNTROPUs - Some people make 3D Sculpting look easy.

Hyung-Tae Kim - His style of digital painting will be copied for years to come.

This Wonderful Life - Liam Kemp uses 3D to challenge your eyes on whats real and what isn't.

psychoform -  Rene Garcia. Some people get to work on all the cool movies.

[[ ]] - Mike Orduna. A Mixed media artist with a true sense of style.

The Hobbit Guy - The creator of edge loops.

phong - This artist was one of my oldest inspirations.

Feng Zhu - Simply put; one of the most respected concept artist in the industry.

Thomas Suurland - Amazing automobile portfolio, and an extensive blueprint catalog.

SCAD - The Savannah College of Art and Design, where I received my Bachelors.


Digital Domain
Trailer Park

Rhythm & Hues
Creative Differences
Dilated Pixels
Brand New School
Zoic Studios
Moo Studios
CBS Digital
HeckArt Studios
DigiSculptor Media


CG Society


Z Brush Central


CGHub - 3D Artists

High End 3D

CG Channel


EXTRAS \\ v.2 - The second version. Some things have to change. v.1 - The original version of my website.

Ballistic Publishing - Added as an invited artist in the 2009, "d'artiste" - Character Modeling book

HDRLabs - sIBL Archive

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